Set aside everything you’ve been told about how to make it in Hollywood.

Finally, a book that dispels the industry myths that keep actors stuck.

The Tao of Show Business generously offers a delightful, practical, and digestible approach to mastering the entertainment industry one day at a time. Through inspiring examples and unique insight, Dallas Travers shows you how to discover your own path to acting success and how to enjoy the ride. This book reveals over thirty essential tools for professional triumph and personal fulfillment for actors everywhere.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Gain freedom from your self-defeating beliefs and behaviors
  • Build authentic relationships with the right people
  • Identify your unique niche and eliminate your competition
  • Do less so you can accomplish more
  • Take inspired action every day

Steven Pressfield
Dallas Travers takes actors well beyond the nuts and bolts of the business and offers fresh, insightful, and practical tools unmatched in the industry.”

– Steven Pressfield, Author of The War Art

Steven Pressfield
“Dallas Travers cuts the chase and gets right to the point. In my three decades advising Journeymen and stars I’ve read many books designed to assist actors. In the Tao of Show Business Dallas succeeds in crystallizing the challenges and creating a strategy the conquer. This is truly a handbook for acting success.”

– Sam Christensen, Creator, Image Design Process & Founder, Sam Christensen Studio

Here’s a taste of what you will discover in The Tao of Show Business:

Describe the Tao

In part one, you’ll learn why so many actors struggle to maintain consistent momentum in their career pursuits. You’ll discover how to tap into your core values in order to create a purposeful long-term vision for acting success. You’ll then learn how to take step-by-step actions in order to turn that vision into reality. By the end of this section, you’ll know everything you need to know to carve out your own fulfilling path to success in the entertainment industry once and for all.

Declare the Tao

In part two you’ll learn how to cultivate powerful, meaningful, and authentic relationships with all the right people. You’ll learn how to avoid the networking pitfalls that leave most actors feeling disconnected from industry insiders and unsupported by the people in their lives. By the end of part 2 of the Tao, you’ll eliminate your negative self-talk. You’ll be able to easily take meetings with agents & managers. You’ll know exactly how to pitch yourself easily and effortlessly, and you’ll actually enjoy sharing your career vision with people you meet.

Do the Tao

By the time you reach part three of The Tao of Show Business, you’ll be ready to take inspired action every day to create incredible career results! In this section of the book, you’ll learn the marketing rule that every successful advertiser lives by. You’ll also learn how to naturally master the business side of show business. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to carve out your own unique niche in the business and eliminate your competition. Wouldn’t it be great to be known as the one and only actor capable of doing what you do best?

Develop the Tao

Part Four brings it all together. Here, you’ll learn how to overcome your self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. You’ll understand why resistance pops up and learn how to easily move forward and create positive habits that last a lifetime. Part Four of the Tao invites you to expand your comfort zone, embrace flexibility and patience, and finally experience the career you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll learn how to live a balanced and fulfilled life during every day of your journey to acting success.


Mark Rosman
“The Tao of Show Business is the perfect kick in the pants for actors who want to transform their careers and change their lives. Not only is this book chalk full of easy-to-use tools, But it’s thoughtful, comprehensive, and funny!”

– Mark Rosman, Director, A Cinderella Story and Ghost Whisperer

Lesley Kahn
“In the Tao of Show Business, Dallas Travers reveals the non-acting secrets that simply aren’t part of college drama experience. Thank you, Dallas, finally I can save my breath and let Tao do the talking.”

– Lesly Kahn & Company Actor Training, Hollywood, California


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